Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor


To provide critical support to enhance the capability of prosecutors in effectively enforcing Kentucky’s traffic safety laws.


  • Provide training to Prosecutors and Law Enforcement on all subjects related to the investigation and prosecution of Impaired Driving cases and Vehicular Homicide.
  • Provide technical assistance and legal research to prosecutors on issues related to search and seizure, Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (SFST), the Drug Recognition Experts (DRE) Program, implied consent, breath/blood testing, and more.
  • Be a resource and provide technical assistance to State, local and county law enforcement in methods of evidence gathering, especially newly emerging technology and trial techniques, that will improve the ability of prosecutors to effectively prosecute impaired driving cases.
  • Meet regularly with law enforcement agencies to explain prosecutorial policy, answer questions, and receive suggestions to foster improved law enforcement /prosecutor cooperation and strengthen effective law enforcement and prosecution strategies..
  • Make presentations and participate in National, State and local meetings on traffic safety issues.
  • Provide access to resources available through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), National Association of Prosecutor Coordinators (NAPC), National Traffic Law Center (NTLC), and other TSRPs.


Jenny True Reed  Ms. Reed is a Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor through the Kentucky Unified Prosecutorial System.  In this role, she provides training and technical assistance on traffic related issues to both prosecutors and law enforcement officers throughout the state.   Prior to joining the Kentucky TSRP Program, Ms. Reed was a legal instructor at the Department of Criminal Justice Training in Richmond, Kentucky, a position she began in April of 2017.  As a legal instructor, she educated law enforcement recruits, telecommunication operators, court security officers and veteran law enforcement officers on a variety of state and federal laws.  Ms. Reed also previously served as the Executive Director of Natalie’s Sisters, a non-profit serving sexually exploited and trafficked women in Lexington, Kentucky.  She currently sits on the board of directors of the organization and serves as its vice-president.

 The majority of Ms. Reed’s career has involved criminal prosecution.  For fifteen years she served as an assistant county attorney with the Fayette County Attorney’s Office.  During that time, she focused on the prosecution of misdemeanor offenses, including impaired driving cases, misdemeanor assaults, and juvenile crimes.  She also had the privilege to serve as a Special Assistant United States Attorney as the result of a cooperative agreement with the United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Kentucky and the Fayette County Attorney’s Office.  While in this position, she focused on the vertical prosecution of crimes under the Project Safe Neighborhood initiative. 

Ms. Reed is a 1995 graduate of the University of Kentucky and a 1998 graduate of the University of Kentucky College of Law.