14 Dec, 2023

Save the Date! Prosecuting the Drugged Driver February 27-29,2024.

The Kentucky TSRP program along with the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety and NHTSA announce a training opportunity for prosecutors and officers. Prosecuting the Drugged Driver will be held February 27-29, 2024 at the Origin Hotel in Lexington, KY.

Prosecuting the Drugged Driver

February 27-29, 2024

Origin Hotel, in the Summit at Fritz Farm, 4174 Rowan. Lexington


Course Description 

Prosecuting the Drugged Driver is a course designed to provide prosecutors and law enforcement officers with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully investigate and prosecute drug impaired driving cases. The course is designed to encourage a team building approach between prosecutors and officers to aid in the detection, apprehension, and prosecution of drug impaired drivers.  Attendees will participate in interactive sessions taught by a multidisciplinary faculty. Topics will include:

  • Signs & Symptoms of Drug Impairment,
  • The Drug Recognition Expert (D.R.E.) process,
  • Prosecuting a Cannabis Impaired Case,
  • Working with Your Expert,
  • and Responding to Common Defense Challenges in Drugged Impaired Driving Cases.

 This year, we are requesting prosecutors to bring a DUI case file with him or her, and enlist the ARIDE trained or DRE officer working the case to attend as well.  This will allow the team to ask questions of experts, brainstorm, and create a strategy for the case.


Lodging, Meals and Travel Reimbursements provided by the Kentucky Traffic Safety Grant.


Registration to Open in January 2024.